Biography of Michel Richter

Michel was born at the seaside of Travemünde, northern Germany. He was raised in Switzerland's Luzern where his family had moved when he was 3, finding a beautiful lake there instead of the sea, water being always very important to the roots inside of him.

As a little boy he always listened to music his grandfather played in a magic radio music box, saying the words: "grandpa, records!" Music became his passion and although he never played an instrument except for a short (hated) obligatory flute period. He started collecting records having a collection of 1000 vinyl singles before even having an own record player... Putting the singles on his finger and spinning them 'round he sang to the songs.

In very early years aged 15 he started working as deejay for parties and after learning the profession of a travel agent and being tour guide by the by he was a D.J. in the clubs of central Switzerland for 8 years. Also organising live concerts of Swiss artist and starting to write for newspapers and magazines as music journalist. In 1978 Michel published an own book of poetry "Wie ich denke und fühle (“How I think and feel”).

In 1983 he was starting crew member of local radio "Sunshine" where he presented many music specials (Oldies named "Mottenkiste" more than 7 years and 100 emissions) and artist interviews from rock to pop meeting Paul Brandenberg there for the first time. Today he's still doing some broadcasts for other radios from time to time such as Christmas specials and is a speaker for "audio book" CD's.

Between 1985 and 1995 we worked freelancing for Swiss national DRS television r
eporting about sports in the studio as well as event "live" speaker specialising in Motocross races. In profession he always stayed in the music industry working for a mailorder company, later becoming A+R manager of record company K-tel.

In 1993 Paul Brandenberg and Michel joined a first time for the concept album "Lanzarote". He wrote English and German booklet lyrics and fairytales for the album. Following next were lyrics for Paul's first piano album "Downstream”, that were presented live in concert, but remain unpublished so far but are to be nicely read on Pauls homepage www.

1996 came "Mystic Island", again with English and German lyrics very well received. The album sold more than 50'000 units and went gold in Spain 1998. Other poetry and lyrics followed for German new age artist Elonia or Swiss musicians/bands such as Rään, Nico Brina, Bo Katzman and Chue Lee among others. In 2003 he started deejaying again with his vinyl singles (“Good Old(ies) Sunday”, Hotel Montana Luzern) and presents his lyrics in Christmas church concerts with Gospel choir "Tabasso".

Writing other lyrics and focussing on his Disc-Jockey work more and more again.

In 2005 Paul's music and Michel's lyrics take a new journey flowing softly on t
owards the listeners hearts in a "River Of Dreams", Paul’s 2nd “only” piano album.

Followed by “Flow” in 2006 and “Time” 2007, Paul’s 13th CD, both of them synthesizer productions in the same harmonic way as ever and giving Michel’s creativity another possibility to write very special lyrics in German and English to these albums.

To see both of them acting live in concert with their passionate music and poetry,

Paul on the piano and his synthesizers and Michel presenting the lyrics close to the public feels like feeding heart and soul and taking a never ending, everlasting trip trough time.